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Jan 19, 2010 10:00pm EST
to washington address these issues. i hope that as a nation and as a commonwealth, we can do better in the future. you know that as your attorney general i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues, thank you. [ applause ] >> so, for me and for you tonight this campaign comes to an end. but there's plenty of work to do here in massachusetts and as we continue to organize for america. and so, we will always remember our terrific senator ted kennedy and his words, the work begins anew the hope rises again, and the dream lives on! thank you! [ applause ] >> greta: that of course martha coakley. we are waiting for scott brown to speak. we'll go to him as soon as he takes the stage. right now sarah palin joins us by phone the author of the mega best seller going rogue and a fox news political contributor. governor palin nice to hear from you. as you listened to the concession stan of the attorney general here in massachusetts what do you think? >> i think is huge. you just witnessed a wicked political pivot across our countr
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 12:00am EST
to go to washington to to address these issues. i hope as a nation and a commonwealth we can do better in the future. you know as your attorney general i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues. thank you. so for me and for you tonight this campaign comes to an end but there is plent yes of work to do here in massachusetts and as we continue to organize for america. and so, we will always remember our terrific senator ted kennedy and his words, the work begins anew. the hope rises again, and the dream lives on! thank you. >> greta: that is martha folkly. we're waiting for scott brown to speak. right now sara palin joins us by phone to the author of the megabestseller "going rogue" and a fox news political contributor. nice to hear from you. as you listened to the concession stand of the attorney general here in massachusetts what do you think? >> this is huge. you just witnessed a wicked political pivot across the country. i think this can't be overstated. not just brown but look at the recent developments in new jersey,
Jan 21, 2010 12:00am EST
a shot was fired around this nation. a shot was fired saying no more business as usual in washington, d.c. >> you heard what the speaker said yesterday and what the majority leader said. we will find a way to push this over the line. it's that kind of arrogance that has the american people about ready to pull their hair out and throw every democrat out of here. >> the election in massachusetts for senator-elect brown was much about an election that rejected arrogance. much like david in his fight against goliath. >> wow. they seem to have their plan down. it's arrogance. arrogance was defeated in massachusetts yesterday. your take on what you learned yesterday. >> what i learn side what i learned to some degree november of 2008 and the two years i traveled the country with barack obama. that is that middle class people, hardworking people are being squeezed in many different ways. they have seen their jobs disappear and wages stagnant and expenses are growing and health care by the way has been growing exponentially. this is enormously aggravating when they look to washington and wall s
FOX News
Jan 21, 2010 10:00pm EST
>> greta: tonight, mr. brown goes to washington! >> i think it is premature to talk about that appreciate your support. senator mccain as you now know was one of the first to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it is a long shot but i'm with you, if you feel you can win it. >> safe to say on behalf of the republican conference we are really happy to have him here. >> i have a lot to learn and i'm thankful that people on both sides of the aisle have made my initial visit here certainly very pleasant. >> you feel that you are being cored by democrats? >> listen, i've always had great respect for senator kerry, always. we have worked together on other issues. i know we are going to work together on issues in the future. >> we have an article in here today because you elected my job is going to be easier. i hope that is the case. >> i appreciate the across the aisle gesture and i'm hopeful we can work to solve the problems of our great country. >> good to see you. >> i voted for health care bill in massachusetts and it was a great bipartisan effort. so it is cle
Jan 7, 2010 5:00am EST
, montgomery, howard for later tonight. right now 20 to 30 degrees. now 30 in washington. and as w look at the view from space over the last six hours it's cloudy, blue ridge west but clear from the blue ridge to the east to the eastern shore so we're off to a clear start. sunshine this morning. but by later on tonight and into tomorrow morning these are the total amounts i expect. certainly be much more out of the mountains and higher elevations. shenandoah valley around the blue ridge, four inches. one to two inches around the d.c. metro area. that could cause problems tomorrow morning. that's all we need is an inch or two on untreated surfaces. cause some commuting problems and maybe some school delays. should end quickly tomorrow morning. blustery and cold as we get into the weekend. now the traffic, jerry, how is it looking >> this morning fine. no weather concerns. head out to the interstates along i-95, 395, 66. should be in freg shape this morning. one early morning accident, 395 northbound at duke street in the hov lanes. that has been cleared. everything reopens. elsewhere alo
FOX News
Jan 18, 2010 8:00pm EST
in washington reportedly think it is all over. but it isn't. so please check out "the factor" tomorrow night. we will be live and have the latest on the race. let's bring in fox news analyst karl rove to and liz. do you have a prediction in massachusetts, mr. rove? >> brown which will be amazing if it hap. the bay state last elected a republican when it reelected ed brook to the united states stat in 1972 and the last time it voted for a republican in an open race was 1966. barack obama carried the state by six points. -- 26 points, excuse me, two years ago and i suspect that we may see brown get elected by three or five or six points. >> bill: what are you basing your prediction on? >> just looking at all of the polls. i'm a skill skeptical of insider advantage at 9 points. all the polls are moving in brown's direction and seems to be a consensus of four or five or six points but that is going to close up tomorrow. you touched son omaha ban on se reasons earlier. he is mingling with the people. she is an elitist. the last minute special interest deals have been stuffed in the held pill. is a bi
Jan 20, 2010 11:35pm EST
it coming, it was too late. >> i bet they can hear this cheering all the way in washington, d.c.! >> reporter: in less than 24 hours before the one-year anniversary of president obama's inauguration, the voters of that bluest of states, massachusetts, sent a powerful rebuke to the president, voting republican scott brown into the senate over democratic martha coakley. a political nightmare for obama that will change the course of his presidency. and so today, with his agenda under fire, and more than 60% of the country saying we're on the wrong track, we sat down with president obama in the roosevelt room, a year to the day, almost the hour, from that icy january moment when he became president. so looking at that clock, one year ago, you were just about to take the oath of office. and now you get this anniversary presence from the voters of massachusetts. robert gibbs said you were surprised and frustrated by the vote. is that accurate? >> here's my assessment of not just the vote in massachusetts, but the mood around the country. the same thing that swept scott brown into of
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
blaming the d.n.c. and the key democrats in washington for being late to the game and taking her race for granted. six week ago, she was up by 30 points. >> axelrod responded and said look, we did everything we were asked to do but her campaign sent out that particular memo and it showed that apparently they had been supplying the democrats with polling data from massachusetts since early december and it asked for money and stuff like that. it simply didn't come. also, somebody else they're blaming -- the underwear bomber because they are saying that -- some senior officials at the white house, aides, have said, you know, we were concentrating on fighting terrorism, all of us, at the time scott brown launched his first tv ads and that's, perhaps, why we were caught a little flatfooted. the underwear bomber. >> a lot of the blame will go a lot of ways today. maybe some people should look in the mirror. anyway, scott brown's victory changing the momentum on capitol hill. the win gives senate republicans one extra member on their side. caroline schively joins us from washington with that
FOX News
Jan 18, 2010 10:00pm EST
to do with what is going on in washington? i think coakley made a mistake by allowing it to be a personality contest. debt s are more popular here. -- >> a signal loud and clear if the people of massachusetts do it, boy it will be heard all around the country. [ cheering ] >> when the president criticized me yesterday, he can criticize me as much as he wants when he talks about my truck that's where i draw the line. >> the president has come because he knows i'm going to win tomorrow and he's trying to get that message out. >> i've heard some horrible stories of individuals intimidating martha coakley, lying down in front of her car, threatening her, threatening her on the internet burning campaign posters and so forth. we don't have a place for that in massachusetts. that is disgrace full and i hope that tomorrow people will go to the polls and reject that kind of campaigning. >> greta: massachusetts governor swift joins us live in boston. it is so close that the big guns cape out for coakley. former president clinton and president obama. if you were the candidate coa
FOX News
Jan 7, 2010 10:00pm EST
? that's hollywood. we're talking washington tonight. his romance comes with a calculator. you have to wait to find out who it is. >> greta: 40 against 1 in the united states senate all 40 republican senators just fired off a letter senator harry reid pressing him to put health care negotiations on c-span. speaker of house nancy pelosi got a letter of her own. republican members of the house rules committee signed a litter to the speaker pressing her to put negotiations on c-span. some republicans in the house have been fighting for months for more transparency one is congressman leader in the gop transparency. how are we doing on this effort to get transparency in the house? >> we've got the people with us, we don't have the speaker with us. that's the problem. she controls the cameras. the sad thing you have the president of the united states campaigning time and time again in town hall meetings in indian ohio the debate that went on with google across the country saying this health care negotiationses will be different if i'm president we'll put it on c-span it will be out north
FOX News
Jan 8, 2010 1:00am EST
think pitt or clooney? that's hollywood. we're talking washington tonight. his romance comes with a calculator. you have to wait to find out who it is. i keep track of my entire business on this spreadsheet... and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at >> greta: 40 against 1 in the united states senate all 40 republican senators just fired off a letter senator harry reid pressing him to put health care negotiations on c-span. speaker of house nancy pelosi got a letter of her own. republican members of the house rules committee signed a litter to the speaker pressing her to put negotiations on c-span. some republicans in the house have been fighting for months for more
Jan 6, 2010 4:30am EST
temperatures. negative 1 in minneapolis. 19 in tallahassee, which is colder than new york or washington. and it's a chilly 41 in south florida. >> viviana hurtado has more on the longest cold snap in a generation. >> reporter: snow, snow and more snow combined with windchill temps in the negative number, it's one of the most severe arctic blasts to wallop the nation in 25 years. >> average is twice a day since new year's. >> reporter: in fulton new york, the snow hasn't stopped since december 28th. more than 50 inches have fallen and more on the way, almost three-quarters of the country is under a winter weather watch or warning. in tennessee where overnight lows hit 12, at least four have died from the cold. >> from hypothermia is commonplace in these temperatures. >> reporter: in new jersey ice and the cooling system forced the shutdown of a nuclear power plant. in central florida today will be the fifth morning of near or freezing temperatures. to save their citrus crops farmers are spraying warm water on the lower branches because the freezing process keeps the fruit warm. >> i didn't have
Jan 14, 2010 5:00pm EST
in the locker room done scandal involving the washington -- star player gilbert areanas has been charged with a felony for taking a gun to the stadium. >> i have been told by sources gilbert arenas did not appear today. he was not inside the building. just a few moments ago, he was charged with one felony, carrying a pistol in a dwelling other than his home or business. that is a felony. he publicly admitted that on december 21, he took for unloaded guns to the locker room there at the verizon center. that is for guns, but we only have one charge. -- that is four guns. >> we do not know if the single charge as part of the plea deal. we also cannot tell you what type of jail time, if any, he will be facing. authorities told a washington post that the plea deal would involve no jail time for the star player. we do not have confirmation on that at this point. could involve community service and him avoiding jail time altogether. >>> let's get to the weather, a little relief from the freezing cold temperatures we have had over the last few days. >> it is pretty good news. many committees top
Jan 25, 2010 6:30pm EST
>>> on >>> on "world news" from washington, we're one on one with the president. what is he going to announce about jobs? is he thinking one term is enough for him? and what did mrs. obama say to help him in the political season of the buzz saw. >>> do doctors really know how much radiation they deliver and how do you? >>> haiti sends out an s.o.s. asking for 200,000 tents and we stay on the case. >>> and one boy on a bicycle did something we could not believe. >>> and good evening tonight from washington. with president obama at the cross roads. sitting with us one on one two days before the state of the union. it was just a year ago in his first appearance before congress he was a new, victorious, history-making president. now, he is facing a buzz saw and some say the promise never happened, not no mention a nation demanding something be done about jobs. earlier this morning, president obama announced middle class programs on child care. but the time we sat down with him, they pounced. they say, what are you talking about so far for wednesday night is not going to create any new
Jan 14, 2010 6:00am EST
's attorney general talks about possible effect on states. and on this morning's "washington journal," topics include irs regulation, financial market oversight, and health care. "washington journal begins at the top of the hour at 7:00 eastern. president barack obama will be at the capitol this afternoon to attend a jobs summit with house democrats. live coverage begins at 4: 45 eastern. later today on c-span 2, we will produce a debate with the republican candidates for governor is -- governor of texas. the governor will e involved. live coverage begins at 8:00 eastern. a group of state attorneys general said they may file a lawsuit of for a particular provision in the senate version of a health-care legislation. henry mcmaster of south carolina is part of the effort. he talked about the constitutionality of the health care bill at the national press club. this is about one hour. i am a washington correspondent for work-force management which is a magazine. ├▒ri am sure of that national nes national press club news makers committee. i am coming near the end of my tenure. in thr
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
's on the table in washington. because of the lack of -- and, again, it's not because of the lack of voter in at the ele er . it is because it hadn't been explained adequately enough when people are more worried about their ticket, their job. >> and i was moved by the fact that scott brown mentioned teddy kennedy. i knew at the same time that he would be upsetting some of the people in his base that voted against teddy kennedy every opportunity they had, and it just struck me that tonight, or last night he was riding high, just like barack obama was a year ago this is where it gets tough for a republican in massachusetts. just like it got tough for barack obama, just like scott brown, he was an agent of change. >> you know, before we go to this. your take on that is really interesting. my take was similar to your take. listen to scott brown listen to teddy kennedy. what's going through my mind is scott brown spoke more at length and more glowingly of ted kennedy than martha coakley did on the stump during her campaign. >> your right. >> unbelievable. >> and last night, very telling that th
Jan 11, 2010 5:00pm EST
from washington d.c. to may or washington state to arizona means passing through states that have weak drunk driving laws, did not ban text driving laws, did not ban text messaging, do not require that use a booster seat for your child, have life-threatening with -- life-threatening loopholes in teen driving laws and an adequate enforcement of seat belt and motorcycle helmet laws. and worst states, there were 10 in the green category. the top to in this category are the district of columbia, i got credit for 13.5 lost and the state of new jersey, with credit for 13 lost. the other states are illinois, thank you center, maryland, new york, north carolina, oregon, tennessee, minnesota, california, and washington. there are nine worst states this year. we added, unfortunately, six new states to that category. they are arizona, virginia, vt., pennsylvania, ohio, and nebraska. in order of ranking, the states in the worst category having fewer than half of these 15 basic laws are south dakota with only three of the laws, arizona, north dakota, wyoming, va., vt., pennsylvania, ohio, and nebra
Jan 3, 2010 7:00am EST
in his arrest. >>> al qaeda threats close a u.s. embassy as washington battles to move extremism with talks and with force. >>> and it looks like new york's tavern on the green restaurant has gone out of business after all that time. a look at the party that ended it all and how people are remembering one of the city's most famous landmarks. >>> you are watching "hln news and views" on this first sunday of 2010. great to have you with us. i'm susan hendricks. we want to get you updated. authorities have arrested a florida man who allegedly gunned down four members of his family after thanksgiving dinner. u.s. marshals captured paul merhige at a hotel in the florida keys last night. there he is on surveillance camera. he was the focus of an intense manhunt after he allegedly shot and killed his twin sisters and a 79-year-old aunt. he also allegedly killed 6-year-old michaela sitton as she slept in her family's jupiter, florida, home. with his arrest, michaela's father says he will be able to sleep at night. >> it means i'll be able to sleep a little better tonight, and i won't be
FOX News
Jan 21, 2010 1:00am EST
we haven't done that well. we've always thought about maybe washington first or the party first. the thing that i'm hearing throughout the state is, what about us? i was asked many times what kind of republican i would be? i didn't know how to answer that so i said i'm going to be a scott brown republican. maybe there's a new breed of republican coming to washington. somebody not beholding to the special interests of the party and will look to just to solve problems. i've always been that way. you remember, i supported clean elections. i'm a self-imposed term limits person. i believe strongly we are there to serve the people. we are there to do a . i, like many others throughout the country, when we're talking about what so and so said in his book and what so and so said here. my response is, who cares? we have terrorists trying to blow up our planes and kill our families at shopping malls. we have people dying in afghanistan who are trying to -- and our soldiers are trying to make sure we get, you know, finish the job there. we have serious economic problems. i like probably ma
FOX News
Jan 7, 2010 9:00pm EST
should go out there. >> sean: in all fairness he wind the only one away from washington in the aftermath of this attempted attack. the president was in hawaii. homeland security secretary janet napolitano was in san francisco telling us, that the system worked. maybe you know that is what general jones thought was so shocking many joining me with more an of is former presidential candidate tennessee senator fred thompson. welcome back, happy new year. >> thank you sean happy new year. >> sean: what do you find shocking in the announcement today and press conference? >> the fact that a person that practically has i am a terrorist tattooed on their forehead, could get through the system and get on this plane and almost kill 300 people. i think that's the shocking thing about it. there was every indication this guy was a bad news like you say he paid cash for his ticket. he was a young male muslim. he went through yemen. he checked no luggage on an international flight. i have been pulled out of line, i'm sure you have, on several different occasions. >> sean: more than you. >> patted down
FOX News
Jan 12, 2010 10:00pm EST
families and communities: >> greta: griff jenkins went to a coakley event here tonight in washington. >> reporter: the next five days can decide the state of kennedy seat how kerry agreesed -- addressed supporters. in an e-mail. a fundraiser held here tonight at this capitol hill restaurant. miss coakley enjoyed a commanding lead at one point according to a new rasmussen poll the race has tightened to two points. what are your thoughts? >> we've never paid attention to polls in the primary or jen we are working hard to win. we are going to get our message out. >> reporter: why are you in washington tonight? >> we planned an event after the primary there would be a unity event in washington. we are also in the middle of a very intense campaign and we are facing a candidate from massachusetts supported by scream right groups, including many -- by extreme right groups, including many groups pouring money into massachusetts and who are attacking and destroying my record i'm doing everything i need to, to be competitive as well as working with democrats here and in massachusetts who will
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 8:00pm EST
winds in washington, based upon the election of scott brown to the senate by massachusetts voters. joining us now from los angeles, fox news analyst joe trippi who ran howard dean's presidential campaign in 2004. i want you to react to president obama today reacting to what happened last night. roll it. >> it is my assessment of not just about massachusetts but the mood around the country, you know, the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they are frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> bill: all right. so it goes back to bush and all of that. what do you think? >> well, i think he is right and hopefully, you know, this will wake up the administration. he is right that the anger and the need for change is what swept him in and it is what swept brown in. people are angry at washington. they are angry at the insurance companies and the banks getting away with bills that work for them but aren't working for the american people. and scott brown
FOX News
Jan 6, 2010 1:00am EST
problems in washingto washington, hold on to your seat. those are nothing compared to his problems on the home front. that inside scoop is next. plus. >> how is this for a scandal? poll test with 3 fears ladies. poll test with 3 fears ladies. just be glad . >>reporter: senate majority leader reed is up to his ear ins problems in washington dc. things not much better at home in nevada. we are right in the think of it. griff is on the road and today's stop is nevada. you are live. griff? >> hi fret a. i'm in reno, nevada state among the 3 highest unemployment rate. they are certainly thinking about health care and worried about it. but before i tell you about reno, we went earlier today to carson city to speak with governor jim gibbons. here's some of what he had to say in terms of solutions. governor you have been part of the legislation. what do you think is the answer e.the very best way to solve the unemployed, uninsured problem in america is to put people back to work. get them a job. let their employers buy insurance for them when they have the money and resources to
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
around and see the supreme court stop change at the door and let federal institutions run washington. and voters were mad before, they are really going to be upset now. >> john heilemann, there was a story you told the other night when we were at "time" doing the "game change" roundtable. brrr accident o barack obama made so much money -- had so much money he raised from a lot of wall street guys, a lot of hedge fund people, a lot of oil company people, that they had this room where they just made up thousands of ads that they knew they were never going to use, but they did it just to test market. i mean, in virginia, northern virginia, a couple of weekends, obama outspent mccain 200-1 in 30-second spots. obama raised more money than anybody else and now he's trying to hold this populist mantel over him. i don't know how easy that will be if americans know the facts. >> i think that democrats need to confront it in general. the democratic party has over the last 20 years and obama is the culmination of the trend, has become the big money party. i mean, if you travel around new york c
FOX News
Jan 26, 2010 10:00pm EST
in washington until 11 p.m.. next, the tape does not lie. what did candidate obama say about spending freezes? hustling your vote or legitimate change of circumstances? decide in two minutes. jon stewart, we have the video. i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack. just, out of the blue at 43. now i'm on an aspirin regimen because it helps me live the life i want to live. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. it is a big deal to have a heart attack. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. what if you could capture the fresh taste of broccoli in a luscious soup? v8 garden broccoli. from campbell's. velvety, delicious. campbell's v8 soups. also, try new garden vegetable blend. >> greta: president obama wants a spending freeze. what did candidate obama think? >> problem with the spending freeze you are using a hatchet where you need a scalpel. there are some programs that are very important that are under funded. it is important for the president to set a tone that says all of us are gonna contr
FOX News
Jan 28, 2010 10:00pm EST
evening governor. >> good evening, greta how are you? >> very well. the topic in washington health care for so many weeks. now there's day lot of discussion about jobs. what do you think about what the president is saying about job creation? is that what you would do? >> well, you know listening to his speech last night i was getting whiplash there i listened and i would whip my head down there and read the text to figure out what he's saying how does what he is saying match up to the acts he's taken thus far. the acts he's taken thus far will not the get jobs created. that speech was so full of contradictions last night. i know after we analyze it, we are supposed to be diplomatic and analytic and i go in our commentary, but come on. so full of contradictions the american public i think listened and said how are jobs going to be created when you talk about cap and tax which is taxing energy which will prohibit more developments. when you talk about the second jobs bill which is a stimulus bill, more spending. which is going to require tax increases to pay for these things. how is that
FOX News
Jan 5, 2010 10:00pm EST
. if you think harry reid has problems in washington. hold on to your seat, nothing compared to his problems on the home front. >> plus, how is this for a scandal? a politician with three first ladies? be glad this one is not you. b1+ . >> greta: senate majority leader harry reid up to his ears in problems right here in washington, d.c. things are not much better at home in nevada. griff jenkins in the thick of it. today's stop nevada. griff joins us live. >> reporter: hey greta, i'm in reno, nevada. a state among the top three highest unemployment rates. in have dances are certainly thinking -- nevadans are certainly thinking about health care. we went earlier to carson city to speak with governor jim gibbons here's what he had to say in terms of solutions. governor you have been a critic of this legislation. what do you think is the answer? >> very best way to solve the unemployed, uninsured, problem in america to put people back to work. get them a job, let their employers buy insurance for them when they have the money and the resources to buy it. stop letting the american peop
FOX News
Jan 7, 2010 6:00pm EST
: welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president obama says the christmas day attempted bombing of u.s. airliner was the result of a failure to connect and understand intelligence that the government already had and that he is ultimately responsible. late this afternoon, the president outlined steps he is ordering to tighten things up. senior white house correspondent major garrett is live on the north lawn with details. >> reporter: good evening. there is a lot of ground to cover but the proud outline of the president's statement and the unclassified report released by the counterterrorism advisor are these. the president said we are at war. though the president said it before it was generally in the context of afghanistan. what he and his advisors say is most surprising to them is al-qaeda and the arabian pence, yemen, is not an aspirational terrorist cell but operational one that is a real and lethal threat to the united states. the president described the suspect in the case umar farouk abdulmutallab as a knowner theer r e er t known terrorist. one who never should have been aboa
FOX News
Jan 13, 2010 9:00pm EST
are supporting her she is supposed to be taking on the health care lobbyists in washington, d.c.. she didn't answer. before i knew it, i got knocked into on my right side, might have been a head-check, i don't know how he hit me. but he pushed me into this metal railing. i ended up on the ground. then he actually helped me up. he asked are you all right? in my view he was feining concern which is clearly displayed by the video the fact that he continues to push-up against me aggressively. >> sean: at the end of the video he's like in your face you are holding something up and why didn't you tell us what happened there?8.wxu >> yeah, i'm holding up my tape recorder so it doesn't get broken hoping if anyone is watching they see i'm not pushing him. he begins to demand for my press credentials. if there is any moment i regret that i showed him. there's no reason a private citizen in the united states of america -- >> sean: this is the part where you are holding up your credential, getting in your face being overly aggressive. you have the right to walk on a street, don't you? >> yes, any citi
FOX News
Jan 14, 2010 12:00am EST
's supposed to be taking on the health care lobbyists in washington, d.c. and she didn't answer. before i knew it i got knocked into my right side might have you been a hip check. i don't know. but pushed me into this steel railing. metal railing and i ended up on the ground. then, he helped me up and, he began to ask, are you all right? m my view he was feigming concern the fact he continues to push up against me aggressively. >> that is the point. at the end of the video if we can rack this up again. at the end he's in your face. you're trying to hold something up. and one of you tells what happened there. >> i am holding up my tape recorder so it doesn't get broken and hoping if anyone is watching they see i'm not pushing him. he begins to demand for press credentials. if there is a moment i regret is that i showed him my press credentials because there is no reason why i private citizen in the united states of america... >> i want to just, this is the part you're holding up credentials. he's in your face being overly aggressive here. then, you have the right to walk on a street. don't you?
Jan 12, 2010 6:00am EST
in washington. he heads the child advocacy institute. we are delighted that you could join us. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is dr. joseph wright. i'm a pediatric emergency physician and the senior vice president at children's national medical center. i had to the child health advocacy institute. i practiced in level one trauma centers for more than 20 years. i was direct witness to the fact that motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of death for 16 to 20-year olds in this country each year. approximately 450,000 teenagers are injured each year. of those killed, approximately 63% of our drivers and 37% are passengers. 2/3 of the passengers who die in car crashes are male. what we have to remember in what we have already heard is that each and every one of these cases represents an individual and family tragedy. lives end and changed forever. as the father of two young men in the highest risk category, i'm not only professionally concerned, but very personally concerned about this on a daily basis. the american academy of pediatrics has a long record of supporting child sa
Jan 15, 2010 1:00pm EST
a "the washington post." the administration requested to the $92 million in aid for haiti including $33 million for improving government services and $62 million for economic growth. orlando, fla., on the independent line. caller: geographically in haiti is right on our doorstep. the issue is to get the supplies there as quickly as possible to the suffering people. it has been three days. i understand the airport is congested and there is destroyed infrastructure. i believe that there is an aircraft carrier coming with helicopters. host: yes, according to a "the wall street journal," is another aircraft carrier on its way. caller: this was a war maneuver, believe me, that aircraft carrier would have been there. the supplies would have been lowered down to the people. i have one more comment. the caller from arkansas that says it is not our responsibility to foot the bill, if he is a christian what about being your brother's keeper? is it more convenient to cherry pick? host: leesburg, va., on our life for democrats. caller: first, i think we should write off the pat robertson comment be
Jan 5, 2010 6:30pm EST
raddatz, abc news, sanaa, yemen. >>> our thanks to martha. and back to washington. a stunning piece of video today, surfacing on that third white house party crasher. he's a washington party planner. pierre thomas picks up the story. >> reporter: this man gets out of a van, looks around once, then proceeds right through the front door of the white house to the state dinner. there's just one problem. carlos allen, who appears to be the man in this video, a washington, d.c. socialite and party giver, was not invited to the party. it appears the salahis were not the only uninvited guests at that state dinner. >> it's unacceptable and it's got to be corrected. >> reporter: sources tell abc news allen mingled with the indian delegation which gathered at washington's willard hotel. there, the group went through an initial security screening as requested by the indian government. it's unclear if allen was ever asked to show identification. when the group arrived at the white house by van, secret service personnel then waved them in, no names checked, assuming everyone in the van was suppos
Jan 25, 2010 2:20am EST
command over various al qaeda offshoots. rachel martin has more on the recording from washington. >> in his latest message, osama bin laden claims the christmas day bomber as one of his own and takes responsibility for the attack. the bin laden message comes as new details emerge about the attack and how it was handled. according to the associated press abdulmutallab arrived at a local hospital at 2:00 p.m. escorted by detroit police. there he made incriminating statements to a doctor about trying to detonate an explosive. around 3:30 fbi agents began interviewing the suspect in his hospital room where he talked openly about his links to al qaeda operatives in yemen. ten hours after the incident when investigators told him he had the rit to remain silent, he did. >> he was cooperating until he got a lawyer. now, that -- that makes it almost impossible for us to pursue the leads that the christmas bomber might have. that to me is unbelievable. >> reporter: some lawmakers say if bin laden is calling abdulmutallab one of his soldiers the u.s. should treat him like an enemy combatant
Jan 5, 2010 7:00am EST
around the region. 28-degree in washington. 26 in baltimore. dulles at 27 degrees. winchester, 4 and at ocean city, it is 26 degrees. your forecast for today looks like this. you will see a mix of clouds and sun. i think mostly clouds i'm few flurries possible through the course of the day. highs in the mid 0s. let's get to julie wright to get an update on traffic. >> we'll check out the ride courtesy of the crew in sky fox. the beltway is not looking so bad. for those traveling off of northbound i-95, you are definitely slow as you work your way northbound leaving potomac mills headed out towards route one. you will find more slow traffic as you work your way out of newington headed up to the springfield interchange. traffic headed northbound slowing out of springfield north of 644 continuing across the beltway and out towards edsall road and up towards duke street. this is pretty typical for your morning commute. below speed headed out towards landmark and the traffic slows again crossing the 14th street bridge headed out towards the exits for the southeast- southwest freeway.
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